build your own online delivery service
sell directly from facebook

Life in a post COVID-19 world has now changed and your business will now need to adapt to a different way of delivering your products to your customers , both new and existing. And yes, it can be done.

If you are in the Food & Drink sector or ANY sector that is affected by social distancing then you now have a chance to sell your existing products by offering a collect / delivery service.

YOU can do this. YOU can make this change and you can do it without having to spend ANY money - other than your time.

Setup 10 of your most popular products and see how you go

  • Setup in minutes
  • Sell directly from FaceBook to FaceBook users
  • Geo target your specific customers
  • #1 FaceBook eCommerce app
  • You dont need an existing website
  • Free mobile friendly website included
  • Will fit into ANY existing website
  • Fits into all social media platforms
  • FREE option available so you have zero outlay other than your time.
  • You do NOT need to be techy

The shop below doesnt exist on this website - it lives in the cloud.
copy / paste 5 lines of text and you can place it anywhere - including facebook - see below

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