ECWID features at a glance

Ease of use

ECWID shopping could not be more simpler for customers. Select – drag and drop products on the cart.  There are no visual barriers allowing your customers to navigate products seamlessly.

Lost in translation…?

The internet is a global market that needs to cater for all languages.   Customers can shop in your store in 45 different languages – and it’s increasing.

Simple Checkout

Getting customers through checkout is an art. Make it fast and simple and you will get more sales.  ECWID has many payment gateways to choose from.

Plans (FREE always available)

No set up costs / transaction fees. There are 4 plans that should reflect all levels of your business.

Set up anywhere

Copy and paste your store to multiple websites, social networks, blogs etc but administer it from one place. Any update is instantly available in all your websites / Facebook page etc

Install in a few minutes

Ecwid easily mixes your existing sites in minutes. No website design is required and you do NOT have to install any software.

Desktop – Tablet – Phone

It doesn’t matter which – ecwid works on them all. In fact there is an app so you also  have a Point Of Sale on your smartphone.

No Techy Admin worries

Hosting,Upgrades, Security are automatic. No tech overhead.

Access FaceBook 1.23 billion customers

ECWID #1 eCommerce app for social media.  Sell directly from within FaceBook – no need to access your website. Killer app for ecommerce

ECWID integrates with


In case you had any doubt as to how compatible ECWID is – here’s just a few of Content Management Systems, Social Networks, Payment Gateways, Shipping Carriers & Technologies

Management / Admin


Track stock

Always know the status of your products.

Product Options

Configure your products for the usual size, colour, shape etc all easy to change and add.

Increase Sales

Setup promotions, volume discounts, discount coupons and other techniques.



Digital Goods

Sell digital products just as easy as physical products.

Accept Payments

Over 40 different payment options to choose from


Highly configurable shipping options to cater for all business needs