Demo and Video

Rather than list ALL the many advantages that ECWID can offer – maybe you would prefer to play around with it instead. This store lives in the ECWID cloud and so can be displayed on any website including FaceBook pages.

Below is a demo shop – just 2 categories and a few products, please have a look around and see how it looks and feels to you and how it would look on your websites and Facebook pages.

  • The products you see below can copy/pasted into any website anywhere
  • Products are displayed on unlimited number websites at the same time
  • One Dashboard controls everything (it’s not complicated)
  • The #1 FaceBook eCommerce App

Maximise your leverage – Sell in multiple places


You can drop your ecwid code into any website anywhere just copy / paste – it all points back to your store.

Sell simultaneously on Mobile Phones, Websites, Facebook, Blogs, Google Shopping – basically anywhere.

Specifically optimized for mobile & tablet devices.

Social eCommerce – take your store into FaceBook and others


Put your store easily into FaceBook – and you are instantly exposed to millions more potential customers.  Who can buy directly from within FaceBook without ever having to visit your website.

In todays times facebook users prefer to stay within FaceBook when making a purchase – Ecwid allows them to do just tha

Mobile Responsive Design


Your Ecwid store will look right at home on any tablet, smartphone, iPad etc it will automatically change to the customer’s screen size. It’s a fact more and more people now purchase online using phones & tablets.

Latest  figures show that mobile devices will account for over 48% of all onlince purchases in 2014. Make sure your sure is able to cater for ALL mobile devices


ECWID is FREE to use with additional paid for features that you may or may not require. This makes eCommerce easy for everyone - including ALL non techy business people